September 06, 2007

weddings and kittens and candles, oh my

i didn't have these loaded in time for the weekend update post, so here are some belated pictures! i seeeeriously loved annie's dress. the wedding was in the Wren Chapel at W&M, which you can only do if both bride and groom are alumni of the College.

also really loved this placeholder idea - both the cork and the fruit. each table had bowls of different fruits (peaches, cherries, etc) and that's how you found where you were sitting. also, wine cork! ingenius!

in other news, my cat is still adorable, although alarmingly LARGEISH. behold:

still sleeps like a total goof, though :-)

so you know those Yankee Candle stores you see in malls? with the expensive candle jars in 800 scents? i'm not sure if you're aware, but they have a.. like... flagship store, or something, in williamsburg. it's big enough that it's basically its own tourist destination.

<-- the store literally is that WHOLE BUILDING. it's the size of a strip mall.

and INSIDE. uh, ok, you know Caesar's palace in Vegas? cross that with a Victorian market, and you've got the Yankee Candle atrium:

there's also an entire christmas room.


seriously. that's shannon pretending to catch snowflakes on her tongue, because it was SNOWING IN THE ROOM. the snow is even cold and wet (apparently made of soapiness) so it even feels like actual snow.

i'm really glad i didn't know about this place when i was at school in williamsburg. it was bad enough having touristy Colonial Williamsburg right there, i definitely would have been horrified to learn we had a candle store that snowed.

and finally: do you read whoorl? (you should, if you don't!) in addition to being a lovely blogger and having a criminally cute son, she also has really good hair. like, her readership demanded she give a tutorial about How She Makes Her Hair Look So Good. and now, to make the world a better place, she's started an internet hair clinic, and i signed up (!) so sometime in the coming months, my stringy hair will be posted on teh intarwebs for all to see, and whoorl in her infinite wisdom will instruct me how to not look so lame. am very excited! my hair needs some serious advice, and the people at salons are oddly unwilling to sit me down and tell me that Girl, Please Do Not Keep Cutting Your Hair That Way, No Seriously, Let Me Help You. i would LOVE someone to sit me down and tell me how to cut my hair! but alas, has not happened. until now! or.. well... november, or whenever it gets to be my turn at the online clinic :-)


  1. OMG. That picture of Oliver stretched across your laptop is effing ridiculous. WHEN DID HE GET THAT BIG. WHEN.

  2. I might be infatuated by whoorl. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Next wedding, when you're not consumed by the missing shoes, give us some advice on Dos and Don'ts ... you seem to be becoming (if not already) an expert!

    PS - The sky in Chicago is NOT always blue. There are 3 good months of weather here. Wait until winter when you'll wonder whether we have a sky at all or permanent cloud cover!

  3. I second the thing about the wedding dos and don'ts--I've been to one wedding ever, and now I'm trying to plan my own, which is difficult.

    Also, I am super excited to see the outcome of your hair clinic with whoorl.

  4. The starlight ceiling is simply amazing. I'd like to do that for my kids room.

  5. When I still lived in Pittsburgh, I applied for a job at Yankee Candle company. I think their HQ is in Connecticut or Vermont. I didn't get the job, so my dream of nightly baths surrounded by a psychotic amount of candles never came to fruition.