September 10, 2007

i lead a hard life

so i'm having this dilemma. i have a perfectly lovely little digital camera, oldish but works fine, nice and small and compact. (it's a canon powershot sd200 for people keeping track, and as you can see, it got great reviews!, uh, 2004 anyway.) however... i now kind of want something better. maybe with an actual lense. while you really can't beat the powershot for convenience (so small! i can fit it in a pocket!) i'm starting to get frustrated with its flash, which is pretty awful. my only choices - when shooting people, anyway - appear to be a) completely washed out, like to the point of trying to discern if my friends are all mimes, or b) blurry and grainy because i left the flash off to capture something approximating natural coloring and light.

so basically what i'm saying is that i'm getting greedy and want to throw money at a fancy new toy. sounds reasonable, right? especially if that new toy is a Nikon D40:

Nikon DSLRs have been recommended by Sundry (and, let's be honest, i do almost anything she tells me. i use bare escentuals makeup and bought an electric toothbrush because she recommended them. my mom: where did you hear about this makeup? it looks so good! me: oh, the internet! there's this blogger, who.. uh.. well, i don't know her or anything, but she has really good advice, and.. uh.. i mean, i saw an infomercial?) and this particular style is recommended by Ken Rockwell as his 2007 pick - plus the D40 is cheaper than the D70s that Sundry has. but.. uh.. still over $500 (but hey! on sale since i last checked this weekend! a sign, perhaps?)
this sudden impulse for a better camera has a lot to do with the fact that i'm taking a 10 day whirlwind tour of germany and austria next month.
i was supposed to head back to paris and bring the wife this time, but those plans fell through. and i still had all this vacation time, plus some money saved up... and i've never been to germany or austria... and i found a good flight to frankfurt.. so... off i go! SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.
which makes the camera dilemma even tougher. because i mean:

a) i'm going to some of those more picturesque areas of europe. don't i want the best camera i can afford to immortalize these incredible vistas?
b) dude, i'm paying a crap-ton to go already. i really think another $500+ is a good idea?

so... conflicted... but then i remember i'm going to europe in a few weeks (less than a month! oct 8!) and that sure helps cheer a gal up :-)


  1. Okay, maybe this will qualify me as a Bad Influence, but a Nikon DSLR for $509 is a good deal and it makes such a difference to travel and trust your camera to take good pictures. For real. My traveling experiences have been seriously revolutionized since I obtained a fancy expensive camera to replace my crappy little Canon, even if the Canon did conveniently fit into my pocket.

    Also! Frankfurt! In a month! That's so exciting! And I'm going to Frankfurt in two months! So I have to see all your pictures and hear all about it before I go. And then we can compare trips. Yay! Exclamation points!

  2. Get the Nikon, get the Nikon now.
    The Nikon will last you for years, and since it's DSLR you'll be in control of the shutter speed, and depth of field (lighting permitting of course), or place both on "auto", but with a camera like that you'll be able to take some really great shots of Europe.

    Since you're going to Germany and Austria, does this mean you're not going to shave your armpits when you're there? ;D

  3. I have been having the EXACT same dilemma! Love the convenience of my lil' Canon ... growing tired of its limitations! I read a great article in the NY Times reviewing SLR's ... maybe it will help you make your decision...

  4. Nikon and get the kind that will remotely fire an off camera flash. Totally worth it. Get the off camera flash as well. Might as well if you are going to drop that kind of cash. Off camera flash's are sooo worth it. And this guy is a great photography blog. Awesome tips.

    Unlike you who has awesome ti ...



    2) I feel the same way about Sundry. I would marry her if she suggested it.

    3) I think you should buy it. I say "pish" to all questions of cost. Buy it.

  6. go for it! As long as you do not owe money on it, why not?

    Wish I had done half of what you are doing before I was married...*Wah, Wah, Wah* *L*

  7. First - *SO SO* jealous of the Germany/ Austria trip. I went to Austria years and years ago and am still dying to go back.

    Second - Buy the camera. Seriously. You won't even begin to believe the difference a good camera and good lens will make in your picture taking life. My Austria pictures are good, but with the camera/lens I have now, I could take some astonishing pics in Austria. You will not regret the money you spend on a good camera.

  8. Bossy had the same dilemma and bought the Digital Nikon SLR. She got used to the size as us ladies sometimes do...

  9. leaf, probably...10/9/07 6:40 PM

    Oh but its beautiful!

    I have a big beautiful camera, and you know what? I have trouble taking it out and about with me. My camera bag is like the ugliest purse in the history of purses. And BULKY.

    Sometimes I wish I had a little camera to whip out.. but both.. well having both would be like Disney Land. Covered in chocolate. With no queues.

  10. When in doubt, splurge.

    I'm ready for a new digital camera too. But mine is an $80 Wal-Mart piece of shit.

  11. Oh, and your life just got better. You've won one of the most coveted prizes in all of Blogdom. Come and git it.

  12. If you can pay for it with cash, not a credit card, I say you should get it. Especially if photography is a passion for you and also, Europe, I mean, you'll want beautiful pictures of the scenery.

  13. Hmmm...the last post about embarassing grocery store purchase is suddenly put in perspective. lol

    But go with (a). But keep in mind that I only say that because its easy to tell other people to spend thier money.