July 22, 2007

the best laid plans

my exciting weekend with my sister did not so much go as planned.

the first sign that things were not going well was when she called from delaware, where her bus had broken down. she was supposed to arrive mid-evening on friday night, but by the time the bus was restarted, then re-broke, then restarted, then oops! still broken, then a rescue bus arrived to take over, she didn't make it to VA until about 11:30pm. it was shortly after this that i started puking.

i should mention at this point that my sister has an extremely pronounced phobia of vomit. (there's an actual name for this! emetophobia. ) so basically, after 10 hours of traveling to make it the 3 hour journey to my house, there was no better way that i could possibly have welcomed her than choosing to puke every hour on the hour throughout the night.

she slept on the couch.

aside from repelling my sister from the comforts of a real bed, my timely attack of food poisoning also conclusively prevented me from going tubing on saturday. which meant that my sister went and spent 12 hours with folks she didn't know (with the notable exception of my wife! otherwise she probably wouldn't have gone at all). so she ended up having a nice time.. but.. you know, without me. the tubers got back at about 10pm and we all briefly headed out to a bar for a bit, as i had recovered enough to drive, and was on a firm diet of flat ginger ale at this point. then she was off again by bus at 10am this morning. doh.

on the upside, my sister did actually have a nice time tubing. and i am wholly recovered (i just ate chocolate ice cream for dinner! i feel after 2 days of no food that's perfectly acceptable). AND i read the whole harry potter book today, which oh my. i may have to start over and re-read the whole thing again this week.

but... am still a little pouty that i had to get food poisoning the one weekend that my sister has come down since her 21st birthday. hate you, food poisoning! and after that bus debacle, i doubt i'll convince my sister to come down here again any time soon. some people in this family reeeeallly need to get drivers licenses, is all i'm saying.


  1. I am now officailly dizzy from reading your blog white on black. Wowsa... Didn't know you were back to blog land (if you left - I've had several Hiatus's, but I'm hoping I'm back now.) Thanks for visiting.

  2. A friend told me his family got food poisoning eating Chinese food in Chicago. It turned out to be cat. I vowed never to visit Chicago after that.

    How do you feel about your "wife" moving in on yoru sister?


  3. At least the food poisoning is over, and you didn't end up in a coma, or had gone tubing and vomited in the river. It's good you're feeling better, and the next time your sister visits she'll have another good time.

    Can you blog why she doesn't have a drivers license?

  4. Raising hand for people who've contracted food poisoning from Chinese food. Beef Chow Mein. Upstate NY. Had to be hospitalized. Crapped on the side of the road en route to hospital. Not a pretty site.

    Anyhow, came over from Jef's blog. Saw you were reading Harry. I finished this morning. Did you finish? What do you think?