December 07, 2005

santa claus is coming to town

Q. how do you ensure a really surreal night for three gals out on the town?

A. after getting tipsy in baltimore last weekend, encounter 70 DRUNKEN SANTA CLAUSES.

yes. 7-0. i assure you, there are precious few things quite as weird as having your fairly quiet, empty bar suddenly overrun by 70 guys in full santa regalia who have been drinking nonstop for eight hours.

ever wondered what a bar full of drunken santas looked like?

click to see bigger

oh, a little something like that.

clearly, we made friends with the santas. it then became impossible to:

a) take a picture without a santa somewhere in the frame,

b) WANT to take a picture without a santa in the frame,

or c) stop putting santa-y accessories on our heads.

we also met a celebrity. here is a "total top secret covert picture" of him. see? a picture of jenny enjoying her beverage, right?

WRONG! haHA! take another look suckers... that's Wendell Pierce, from HBO's "the Wire"!

shortly after this totally not-obvious photo was taken, jenny became best friends with him and chatted with him all night until he left. jenny = FRIENDS WITH A CELEBRITY, PEOPLE!

incidentally? baltimore gets a big thumbs up from us. probably due to the santas.


  1. Did you tell Santa you were naughty or nice?

    What really happens when you sit on Santa's lap?

    Sorry ... couldn't resist.


  2. That is an awesome night in my book.


  3. Looks like a great night! :)

  4. HEY!! I think I know one of those Santas!! I know, odds are slim that I REALLY do since I know no one in Baltimore, but I swear it LOOKS like him...!

    And that night sounds great!! Much better than the time I was a waitress and our bar hosted a Christmas Party for all the jockeys from the local reacetrack... Now THAT was just darn uncomfortable...

  5. lol! That is awesome!!! How many people can ever say they've sat around and drank w/ 70 Santas? Very cool

    I like Baltimore too.

  6. That's hilarious! It looks like a great time for sure. And very cool about the celebrity sighting even though I don't watch "The Wire." hehe

  7. Could've been worse... could've been 70 drunk Michael Jackson impersonators!

  8. well, it looks you have Santa surrounded

  9. Looks like a great night. Can't believe I wasn't invited....(again!). ;-)

  10. I'm putting this on the top of my list of things to do to get into the holiday spirit. I'm jealous! It looks like a good time!