October 31, 2005

moving day

lesson learned: wearing old crappy jeans with a little tiny rip in the butt while moving out of your townhouse since what they heck, they're already old and crappy.... pretty bad idea. little rip + bending + lifting = much bigger rip:

beautiful white boy shorts, i know. i wasn't expecting my underwear to make a cameo. at least i wasn't wearing a thong.


  1. Pretty mysterious, Alice.

    I mean, those jeans don't look too worn out - aside from the rip.

  2. Thou shalt not temp thy MOJO!


  3. Nice ummm ... pockets ..

  4. anon e mouse31/10/05 4:32 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Ummmm, I think I'll leave the commenting to the boys today...

    By the way, how did the move go? ;)

  6. Thank goodness you also weren't wearing "Granny Panties".

  7. OOps forgot to add: Thank goodness you had laundry done and didn't go "COMMANDO".

  8. dang Alice, I'll say what everyone else has been dancing around--- nice ass, girl!!!

    you should have saved this one for Thursday!

  9. I definitely have to agree that this would have been a good post for Half Nekkid Thursday.

  10. I agree...you should have saved this for HNT. lol You're so skinny...you suck.

  11. I see that HNT has come a few days early. Don't think this lets you off the hook on Thursday, though.

  12. Lol we used to call that air conditioning pants lol. Least you have a smallbutt, I would never allow a pic of my big boom boom lol.

  13. anon e mouse1/11/05 9:42 AM

    censorship sucks! Funny + True = Good Comment

  14. For some reason, that was my favorite post of yours. No ifs, ands, or butts.

  15. Ah, perfect timing! Did you go trick or treating as Samantha Fox? Naughty girls need candy too.

  16. At least you have the ass to pull it off! And the white boy shorts are hella sexy. I'm so jealous, I wouldn't have the balls to post that on my blog for I wouldn't have any readers left!

    Sucks you had to move, on Halloween Party Weekend!

  17. Maybe we can start a "HN Everyday" tradition? I would, but nobody likes nekkid zombies... :o(

  18. Aren't you supposed to save things like this for Thursday? Are we starting HNM now?

  19. happend to me on a date once..........not a classic flourish i'll grant you.

  20. too funny. thanx for sharing.

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