August 16, 2005

meet my.. um.. relative, dylan

so, i know i've said i'm sooooo not looking to have kids, like ANYTIME soon. but that doesn't mean i don't think they're ridiculously adorable :-) this is my little second-cousin-once-removed, dylan. (i think that's what she is? what relation to me is my cousin's baby?) dylan had a total crush on my boyfriend, but unfortunately those pictures are on his phone and not on my computer. (the whole jevwitcle non-episode was due to her presence at my house, since her mom and dad live on the west coast and the jevwitcle crew hadn't yet met her. or her dad.)

so! here's dylan! :-) it was about 400 degrees that day, so she liked playing with then drinking the water i had:

is it me, or does my hand look very manly here??

this is my little sister elizabeth, who had an enormous fear of babies until this picture:

dylan still looks a little concerned, though..

and this is after my bf and i took dylan inside when she got tired and fussy, and i sat down at the piano with her on my lap to let her play. she was too tired to push hard enough on the keys, though, so i ended up playing for her with her still on my lap, and she fell asleep snuggled into my chest. i love how you can get up and move to the couch with a sleeping baby on your chest and she won't wake up :-)

i love how she hooks her little finger into our shirts like that

aww. hee. babies. this picture wasn't from that weekend, but it's awesome, so i'm including it for your viewing pleasure as well:

i totally want this bathing suit


  1. so, are you and your sister twins, or what???

  2. Ha, I was thinking what the guy above said. I had to look at those pics about 4 times before I could tell the difference!

    I love how Dylan has become one of those inter-gender baby names. I love names like that, like Morgan and Taylor, etc etc. But I'm sure parents will start making up some crazy spellings to separate "boy" Dylan from "girl" Dylan. Probably something like "Dhyllenne". You heard it here first.

  3. Oh..she is so cute! I'm that way with my nephew too. I don't want kids right now but at 9 months old...he's the most awesome thing. Especially when he falls asleep on me and just rests his head on my chest.

  4. trust me, you keep hanging around them and sooner or later you will want one! *G*

  5. And then did you dip her in chocolate & eat her whole? She is just too sweet and yummy!

    And, Beckeye? I have a friend who liked the recently inter-gender name "Peyton" for her little one. Since it was a girl, they spelled it "Peightyn." I was appalled.

  6. So one night a few weeks ago my sisters and I decided to go out together with their men and my woman. And all of us sisters showed up in light jeans, black tank tops, black studded belts, and black Old Navy flip flops. Even eerier? We were all wearing Happy perfume.

    So I was thrilled to see you and your sister apparently do similar shit without planning. Horray for sisters!

  7. Dylan looks so sweet and cuddly. :)

    You and your sister look VERY much alike. I mean, I know you are sisters and all but still! lol

  8. I had to stop looking at the photos since I could feel myself going thru baby withdrawl.

  9. lol @ walter. baby withdrawals? my wife can't wait for our daughter to get married and have a baby.


  10. Peightyn? PEIGHTYN? that is cruel and unusual. that poor child.

    i'm hereby changing the spelling of my name to "ahlyeiss." thank you.

    mojo - my mom would turn cartwheels if i told her i was providing her with a grandchild. she might even be cool with it being out of wedlock at this point, because it's taking too darn long the traditional way ;-P