June 23, 2005

i think my biological clock is broken

i hear that women develop this overwhelming urge to procreate in their mid-twenties. i wouldn't know. i want a kid like michael jackson wants sex with a grown woman.

i hear this baby-craving is normal. we gals apparently get this sudden urge to make babies, due to genes and hormones and all that hoo-haw, and want to settle down and nest and make a family and release our spawn upon the world.

maybe it's because i haven't technically hit the magical 2-5 yet? perhaps on that fateful day in october, i'll suddenly start salivating over cribs and diaper genies and start shrewdly sizing up all the men i see as potential gene-donors. i'll start wisfully rubbing my belly and think longingly of the day i crave pickles and canteloupe and start knitting little booties and stuff. maybe my biological clock will snap to it and start ticking away with crazed urgency, making me desperate to take advantage of my youthful fertitility while i'm ripe for the impregnating.

god, i hope not.


  1. Anon E. Mouse24/6/05 12:41 PM

    well jesus christ, that's a load off the minds of men everywhere.

    Q: What do a dishwasher and a condom have in common?

    A: When they break, it's the woman's problem.

  2. (some anonymous guy) My bio clock sure is kicking into 5th gear. Wants YOU to have MY baby.


  3. Sometimes it sneaks up on you. But try spending a weekend as the adult presencefor a couple of 12-14 year olds...it'll cure you quick!